Written by Rob Morse on December 9, 2014

The night before the election, we found out that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Operation Fast and Furious.  He orchestrated the cover-up, if he didn’t plan running guns to Mexican drug gangs.  Holder also lied to congress when he, like President Obama, said he found out about running guns from reading the news papers. The lies were planned in detail and executed with professional precision.

Now we find out the lost IRS e-mails From Lois Lerner were not lost after all.  A week after the election, the IRS found 30,000 of them.  They will show that the Obama administration was intimately involved in harassing conservative groups.  In short, we were lied to again. The truth comes out AFTER the election.

The president said we need the world’s poor to immigrate to the US. In fact, if Obama’s illegals left, we’d save 2 trillion dollars. Why does he lie?

In the US, we have massive debt from government money the president gave to his friends. Meanwhile, the homeless go hungry, the elderly need medicines, the mentally ill need treatment, our military needs equipment, and our veterans need the medical care we promised them. Despite those pressing needs right here, President Obama is so desperate for new voters that he opened the borders.

Only the world’s poor and ignorant would think he cares about them. He sure doesn’t care about us.