‘OBAMA’S A MONKEY LIVING IN A TROPICAL FOREST’: North Korea Slams BHO, Accuses US Of Crashing Their Internet

Thems fightin’ words.

The North Korean government called President Obama ‘a monkey living in a tropical forest’ in a racist tirade against the United States, which the dictatorship blames for knocking out its internet.

Officials on the National Defense Commission, led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, lashed out at America, calling its leader ‘reckless’ and saying the U.S. is shameless.

Washington has denied it has anything to do with the disturbance, which has seen the internet repeatedly black out in the country.

It comes after North Korean officials claimed the U.S. government also masterminded the production and release of The Interview – a Sony Pictures comedy which was almost cancelled after a massive cyberattack.

Instead, after encouragement from Obama, the film opened on Christmas day in cinemas and online, making more than $1million in its first day and shooting to the top of online rental charts.

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