OH, BEHAVE: Women’s Voices DO Make Men’s Skin Tingle

Published on December 21, 2014

Does electrical activity in the skin increase when fertile women speak?

Whether it is Scarlett Johansson’s soothing voice or Joanna Lumley’s dulcet tones, women have been able to mesmerise men with mere words for decades.

But U.S. scientists have now discovered that men’s skin actually does tingle when they hear women speak.

Voice experts at James Madison University, Virginia, believe hormonal changes in women affect their larynx, causing them to speak in a lower-pitched tone, proven to have a greater effect on listeners.

Changes in hormones levels at the most fertile point of a woman’s monthly cycle have a marked effect on the larynx, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

This can make a man’s skin literally tingle as electrical activity increases on the surface of men’s bodies within five seconds of hearing a woman’s voice, the researchers say.

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