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PRINCE CHARLES: Photographed Shooting, Charges of Animal Cruelty and Royal Hypocrisy Reignited

Europe’s anti-hunting crowd is becoming an ever-growing pain in Prince Charles’ butt after the heir to the throne was photographed holding a gun.

The pictures were apparently taken from a right-of-way road at Sandringham, the queen’s private estate in Norfolk where Charles was believed to have been bird hunting.

Many of those that criticized the Prince said that Charles is a hypercritic because he publicly supports “Green Causes” and “Animal Welfare.”

Hunters – and those that have actually read up on the subject – know that hunting is a “Green Cause” and does more to protect wildlife than anything else Prince Charles does.

Keep hunting your majesty! You have many, many supporters across the pond!


Gayne C. Young

Gayne C. Young is the author of the best selling books And Monkeys Threw Crap At Me: Adventures In Hunting, Fishing, And Writing and the editor of Texas Sporting Journal. In January 2011, he became the first American outdoor writer to interview Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Follow him on Facebook.