PRINCE CHARLES: Photographed Shooting, Charges of Animal Cruelty and Royal Hypocrisy Reignited

Written by Gayne C. Young on December 2, 2014

Europe’s anti-hunting crowd is becoming an ever-growing pain in Prince Charles’ butt after the heir to the throne was photographed holding a gun.

The pictures were apparently taken from a right-of-way road at Sandringham, the queen’s private estate in Norfolk where Charles was believed to have been bird hunting.

Many of those that criticized the Prince said that Charles is a hypercritic because he publicly supports “Green Causes” and “Animal Welfare.”

Hunters – and those that have actually read up on the subject – know that hunting is a “Green Cause” and does more to protect wildlife than anything else Prince Charles does.

Keep hunting your majesty! You have many, many supporters across the pond!


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