Published on December 6, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I went to a town hall meeting in Uvalde, Tx. that was held by (R) Will Hurd. It should be noted that his (D) predecessor to my knowledge did not hold one for his two year tenure. Thus, Will is already ahead of the game. I also saw LMG at the meeting and am interested in reading about her “take” on the meeting !
The first 20 minutes were a meet and greet, handshaking, congratulating  affair, followed by about 15-20 minutes of speechifying about not just the new Congress, but that the makeup was changing due to the large number of new Congressmen coming into office since 2010. He appeared to be adamant that there was going to be a budget come hell or high water. I noted that he did not mention that it was going to be a balanced budget. He mentioned that he would be serving on two committees that he felt would be welcomed by his constituents. He was going to try to secure our borders.
He said that o’Boehner  was still going to be the speaker of the House. In case you were wondering if I put an “o” in front of the speakers name in an effort to denigrate his abilities as speaker, let me assure you that it was deliberate and not a misprint. o’Boehner is a lot like Charley Brown. No matter how many times the Democrats pull away the football, he still believes that the next time Lucy, err, the Democrats, hold the football, they won’t pull it away THIS time, so he falls on his butt once again.
Will Hurd talked about the do-nothing congress of the current session and I corrected him that it wasn’t a do-nothing Congress, but a do-nothing Senate that stopped almost all the House bills passed. He agreed and said we should look forward to a lot of the bottled-up legislation to be re-passed by the House where a Republican Senate will now be able to pass them and put them on Odamna’s desk . Expect vetoes.
I told Will (in the question and answer session ) that congress doesn’t have the power of the purse, unless they actually use it. Would they still be waiting on subpoenas to be honored if they had cut the payrolls’ of the IRS, DOJ, and the State Department in 1/2 ? The House has been in Republican control for 4 years and there has yet to be a budget passed, much less a balanced budget.
Will indicated that he would be working for and voting for a balanced budget, and that they needed to make the hard cuts that they were elected to make. Will intends to be the 1st representative to go to all 29 counties that he represents to find out what the people want. I wish him well.
The next questioner was a retired “businessman” by his own definition.  He wanted it known that he didn’t like being taxed to have his money given away by the government to people who weren’t willing to work and take care of themselves (note – this is called “income redistribution” – or “social (ism) justice” ). He wanted the promises made to the military kept, and for them to receive required medical care.
A third questioner wanted the “little people” to be taken care of and to see that their food and housing needs were met, and that their children not go hungry. ( An allegation that he was elected to ensure “social justice”, and that income be redistributed to care for the poor). Will Hurd will have an interesting time balancing these two constituencies against each other. I wish him wisdom and luck.
Lord, help these, our elected representatives, to do our will insofar as our will coincides with yours. May you use both us and our representatives to do thy will, in Christ’s name I prey. Amen.

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mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….


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