‘RACIST SEX DOLL’: Frat Sparks Outrage After Posing with ‘Beyoncé’ Sex Doll for Christmas Card

Published on December 16, 2014

Everything racism nowadays.Check this out. Do you think it is wrong or funny?

A fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania has been accused of racism after including a black blow-up sex-doll in their annual Christmas card.

The picture meant to send holiday greetings from the Phi Delta Theta fraternity sparked outrage when recipients spotted the black doll among the overwhelmingly white group of young men.

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity has now been forced to apologise for the Christmas card, saying that there was ‘no justification for this act of poor judgement’.

The picture was posted on the Phi Delta Theta’s Facebook and shows 29 young University of Pennsylvania students posing in what appears to be a lounge room.

Among the young smiling men with their arms on each other’s shoulders is a plastic blow-up sex doll.


According to fraternity brothers, the doll was a ‘Beyoncé sex toy’ that had been bought as a ‘gag gift’ for Secret Santa, and had been included in the photograph with no intention of causing offense.

Shortly after the picture was posted on Facebook, several organisations on and off campus, including the university’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, accused the fraternity of racism.

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