READERS WRITE–And I Listen. Sometimes

Written by Larry Usoff on December 15, 2014

From time to time a listener/reader writes to give me advice on what to write/talk about.  For the most part they agree with what’s been said, but now and then they take umbrage.  

For instance, there’s not enough humor in my stuff, and they don’t like it that I call it “stuff”.   I tried a joke and never got ANY replies about that, so that’s a dead deal.   

As for the “stuff”, it’s gathered from all over, including from the dark corner of my desk drawer, where I stash things to write about.  

There was a complaint that some of the stuff wasn’t current, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s new-to-you, right?  So much for that.   

Our Judeo-Christian heritage gives us “the season” because many times the Jewish holiday of Chanukah falls very close to the Christian holiday of Christmas…so why not celebrate both?  When I was in the Navy there was a buddy of mine that used to take off on Jewish holidays…but he wasn’t Jewish.  He was questioned about this and replied that the Jewish guys take off on Christmas, so why not?  Seemed logical then, and it still seems logical…but then, I’m a pretty logical guy, so Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, even though I don’t understand that one.   

One listener wrote  to chastise me about always being “down on Islam”, and said that I should not blame all 1.2 Billion of them for the action of a few.   The answer to that is simple…Islam is a violent cult, and it preaches violence.  Period, end of story.  

Now let’s look at another aspect of modern society, at least in this country: the estimates are that there are about 300 Million guns in the hands of private citizens in this country.   We have shootings and people are killed or maimed.   Can we use the same logic of not condemning the multitude for the actions of a few?   Not according to the anti-gunners in the country.   Their position is that no one should own a gun except for the armed forces, federal agencies and the police.  Germany, in 1938, anyone?   

Lastly, the music in the breaks.  I heard both sides on this one.  First, we play something that’s appropriate for the segment, and they like that.    On the other hand, they think we should play something that’s just upbeat and bouncy because my stuff is mostly bad news.   Go figure, and that message will certainly get back to the production staff.   

If you listen to the music show, Remembering The Oldies, maybe you’ll hear something you like, and you can suggest that.   In the meantime, be well, live long and prosper (with apologies to Mr. Spock). 

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired/



Larry Usoff
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