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SINISTER: Obamunism: Infiltration and Demoralization

Sinister: giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen.  Synonyms—menacing, threatening, ominous, forbidding, baleful, frightening, alarming, disturbing, disquieting.

Many public officials work both sides of Sinister Street.  They characterize their opponents as sinister, all the while behaving in menacing ways.

The latest examples involve the President, the Vice President, the Attorney General, the Mayor of New York and the self-proclaimed leader of the Civil Rights Movement.  These men prey on anger and fear.  They raise false flags. They say they see a racist behind every tree, and within the ranks of law enforcement.  They encourage people to fear and hate police.  They level false accusations and exploit tragedies to whip up passions, driving people into the streets, resulting in what we saw last weekend, the murder of three police officers, two in New York and one in Florida.  As they falsely accuse the police and their political opponents of sinister motives and behaviors, they are seen guilty of those very tactics.  Look at their reactions to these murders:

>Obama issues a press release while on vacation in Hawaii, distancing himself, accommodating lawlessness
>de Blasio escalates his war with police and turns on the media, accusing reporters of causing strife
>Holder talks about racist police and cowardly Americans
>Sharpton doubles down, complaining about death threats, calling them evidence of pervasive racism, the same man found publicly celebrating the furtherance of socialism thanks to Obama
A grand jury in Ferguson conducted a thorough investigation, concluding the officer did nothing worthy of indictment.  All five of these men violated their oaths and instead of cooling tempers and upholding the rule of law, they employed the rhetoric of incitement–alarming, threatening, ominous, sinister. 

A grand jury in New York conducted a thorough investigation and ruled that the officers in that incident did not violate the law.  All five of these men again violated their oaths, encouraging emotionalism and lawlessness–frightening, disturbing, menacing.

All five of these men, like so many of their colleagues on the Left, thrive on divisiveness driven by sinister rhetoric.  It works for them.  It gets them elected.  Watch out, white people hate you.  Be careful, the cops are racist.  Don’t trust the veterans because they have guns and PTSD.  Watch out for the Tea Party: nothing but old white people who want to enslave you.    Big money capitalist only want to keep you poor.  White privilege keeps you down.  The NRA doesn’t care if your kids get killed at school.  There is a war on women. There is a war on immigrants. The Big Oil people are glad to pollute your environment.  Fat Cats don’t care about global warming.  Corporations are the enemy.  The military is evil.  White people hate Hispanics.  Christians are hypocrites and knuckle-draggers.  America is the problem. We are your only friends.  Vote for us and we will deliver you from evil.

All this started before Saul Alinsky, a hero to Obama and Co., including Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.  Fundamental transformation was not original with Barry.  It originated with Karl Marx who inspired people like Eric Fromm, Herbert Marcuse and many others, members of the Frankfurt School.  These people actually believe communism–central control of everything, as in Cuba, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela–will usher in paradise.  They also believe that paradise can only be realized if the West is destroyed, especially Christian America.  Learn more about the methods and impact of the Frankfurt School here, and here.

The bottom line is Obama is only the latest manifestation of a line of thinking we can trace all the way back to the 19th century.  His entire purpose is the destruction of our Western ways, and, his quest is so pure, so good, so right, he gives himself permission to say anything and employ any measure to achieve his goals.  In all this he is joined by Sharpton, Holder, Biden, Clinton, Warren, and legions of anti-American communists like Bill Ayers, all hell bent on destroying our constitutional republic, then replacing it with a communist dictatorship.

Obamunists work with religious fervor to achieve their aims.  In their minds, sacrificing the lives of a few cops is an act of worship, a blood atonement in the church of the New Man.   We should have realized this years ago, concluding rightly we are in a death struggle with the enemy within.  Our government and our culture have been infiltrated by these new totalitarians.  It is up to us to root them out, that is, if we insist on liberty and justice for ALL.



Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.

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