STILL IMPRESSIVE! Apple Not ‘Started in a Garage’, But …

Published on December 10, 2014

by James R. Rogers
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Say it ain’t so, Steve! The Garage at your childhood home isn’t the home of Apple Computer?

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Week, Steve Wozniak revealed that the garage of his childhood home at 2066 Crist Lane in Los Altos, California was not the historic place where Apple computer was born.

Since childhood, he had always wanted his own computer. After graduating from University of Colorado, Boulder, De Anza College and University of California, Berkley with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he was capable of building his own.

“Steve Wozniak says the story of Apple originating from work that happened in Jobs’ garage is ‘a bit of a myth,‘ ” in an interview with Bloomberg Business Week‘s Brandon Lisy. As the story goes, the garage in a ranch-style house in Los Altos, California was where the first prototypes of the Apple computers were built. It was an important enough event to earn the house designation as a historic resource last year, meaning that the city would have to approve any renovations to the property.

“Wozniak says that the garage was really just the symbolic home of Apple. The design work, planning, and prototyping happened elsewhere, often at Wozniak’s cubicle at Hewlett Packard. Jobs worked mostly out of his bedroom in the same house. They’d spend a little time testing the products in the garage, but the idea that Apple ever operated from the space is overblown. ‘There were hardly ever more than two people in the garage,’ says Wozniak, ‘and mostly they were just sitting around kinda doing nothing productive.’ ”

He admits that most of his circuit design was done in his cubicle while working for Hewlett Packard. Also some of his circuit boards were assembled there. HP didn’t see to mind Woziniak’s extra activities while working for them. After meeting Steve Jobs, who had heard of his work, they took Apple Computer to the next level. They first started selling their circuit boards at a local computer store but the store soon told them the customers would rather have a completely built computer.

Apple I became the first computer produced by Jobs and Wozniak. Wozniak, being a perfectionist, then designed and built the Apple II which, by his esteem, was his greatest design. He takes pride in condensing electronics into smaller yet correctly working components.

According to Wozniak, Jobs was all about the money but he was about revolutionizing the computer industry. He had visions of something better on the horizon.

More of this story can be fond on the New York Dailey News.



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