‘SHOULD I DO IT’: Stupid Teen Arrested For Posting Pic Of Toy Gun Pointed At Cop Car

Bad pic and bad timing for this dillweed. Enjoy jail.

Police in Texas have arrested a teen for posting a photo of a replica gun pointed at a police car along with a caption reading in part: ‘Should I do it?’

Montrae Toliver, 17, was arrested on Monday for allegedly making a terroristic threat.

Fort Worth police say he posted a photo on Twitter of a pellet gun pointed at the front of what appears to be a parked police car in the distance.

A separate tweet from the same account said the gun is an Airsoft replica, which was confirmed by Fort Worth officers investigating the photo, department spokeswoman Tamara Pena said.

Someone saw the photo on Twitter, took a screenshot and submitted it to Fort Worth police’s Facebook page, she said.

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