STUPIDITY ON STEROIDS: What Congress Just Did Takes #Ferguson Madness To A Whole New Level

Published on December 2, 2014

The stupidity is strong on this one.

From the White House to the Congress to the cities and streets of America, the heat over Ferguson and tensions over race in America are being turned up by those who, it appears, are seeking to exploit the “crisis of confidence” in the fairness of law enforcement.

Civil rights activist/agitator Jesse Jackson is now traveling the country firing up angry crowds with provocative rhetoric. As reported on, Jackson went so far as to say this in Portland, Oregon about the grand jury that found no cause to indict officer Wilson:

“The fact is, for three and a half months, this was no jury of substance,” Jackson said during his speech according to OregonLive. “No jury of integrity. No real America. This was a hangman’s noose,” Jackson said to the crowd.

While he didn’t use inflammatory words like “hangman’s noose” to attack the integrity of the American justice system, Attorney General Eric Holder was also on the road Monday speaking to impassioned crowds.

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