SUGAR BOB: Meet The Deer That Developed a Taste for Marijuana

Written by Gayne C. Young on December 15, 2014

Of course his name is Sugar Bob.

A deer known as Sugar Bob in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley has developed a taste for medicinal marijuana according to pot farmer Richard Davis. Mr. Davis told Oregon Public Broadcasting that S.B. has become almost like a pet and that he frequents the farm almost daily to eat whatever part of Mary Jane that falls to the ground. Davis says, “He’s just eating a big bud, and he’s sitting there and as he’s chewing that he’s just getting sleepier and sleepier. His eyes are just—he’s getting ready to go out.”

Of course, this begs the question, is S.B. getting stoned?

Kind of.

Dr. Andrew Browne told The New Inquiry that deer react to pot differently than do humans. He explained, “I would call it a very bad trip rather than being stoned or high.”

Ok. Then why would Sugar Bear return to the farm daily?

Davis says it’s because S.B. enjoys visiting with his pet beagle.

Keep telling yourself that Mr. Davis.

You’ve got a deer with a problem on your hands.


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