TAKE ME THERE: Machine Gun ‘Theme Park’ Set to Open In Orlando

Written by Gayne C. Young on December 23, 2014

Say “Hi” to Mickey Mouse, wave to Shamu then unload a 50 round clip down range on full-auto.

You can do all of this on your next trip to Orlando thanks to the opening of Machine Gun America.

According to the Press Release, this “Automatic Adrenaline Attraction” allows guests, “the opportunity to shoot real machine guns and other world-class firearms or square off in realistic, military-grade simulators for a totally new experience.”

Guests are not allowed to bring their own firearms.  Instead they are allowed to utilize a multitude of weapons in theme experiences such as Special Ops, 007, Gangster Land, and Western Shootout.  The facility’s safety and training director Wes Doss explains,  “This is unlike any other experience in the country. The live shooting experiences will include themed packages featuring some of the most famous firearms from around the world.”

Those include full-auto Uzis, Thompson machine guns, the Beretta CX4, RPD Belt-feed, FN Scar, MP5s, and a host of other fun firearms.

Sounds a like a lot more fun than hanging out with Disney Princesses to me.

Visit Machine Gun America at http://www.machinegunamerica.com/