THAT’S DEEP: Check Out The GOP’s Deep Bench For 2016

Published on December 30, 2014

Republicans seem to have some new strategies for the 2016 elections. Check this out…

By Joseph Curl, Washington Times

On Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Daily Beast contributor Kristen Soltis Anderson made an amazing statement. She said Republicans “understand that they need to start cultivating new and fresh talent.”

Fascinating. Because the GOP has been cultivating new and fresh talent for years now and is — finally — poised to look to a whole new generation of Republican leaders, quite possibly starting with the 2017 occupant of the White House.

The past few election cycles have been grim. The Republican Party went with Sen. John McCain because, well, it was his turn (just like in 1996 with Sen. Bob Dole). Pretty much the same thing in 2012 with Mitt Romney. The party has had few new ideas and even fewer new faces since George W. Bush came out of nowhere and won back-to-back elections to open the 21st century.

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