THREE-PRONGED: The Left’s Insurgency Against the People

Published on December 24, 2014

by Clearchus
Clash Daily Contributor

As Fall spins into our winter of discontent, the killing of cops, festering turmoil in major cities, and failures of leaders are really symptoms. Catastrophes and heart breaks, yes, but more than anything, they are the symptoms of a national insurgency. Three seemingly separate event trends should make Americans stand up and pay attention:

— Decisions by the Obama Administration are reducing the Army by tens of thousands while loosening recruiting standards for illegals. No matter how low Obama falls in approval among those on active duty, the president’s possible solution is as old as Roman Emperor, Diocletian and 300 AD.

— Rumors of 2nd Amendment “dismantling” by the Obama Administration before they leave the White House. Two more Years – what falls next under the executive pen?

— Discrediting of police departments from Ferguson to New York City by politicians range from the White House to State Houses. This is important for a seemingly strange reason. David Galula stated that in an Insurgency, most of the population will be neutral in the conflict. Vilifying Police often converts local groups to the Insurgency.

Loosening Army standards to allow illegals into military uniform presents a number of conundrums. This decision will change the Army’s culture of excellence. Not that the illegals are bad people. In fact, many of my most passionately patriotic soldiers across twenty years of service and combat were men with green cards. They believed in the American dream (often more passionately than white punk European descendents) and served well.

The problem will be the changing nature of a military force that is decreasingly citizen soldiers educated in the United States. A second aspect is using the Army as a cultural test tube. Combined with the other “social pathologies” forced on the military, this will make middle class, suburban, and farm families even less likely to send their sons and daughters to serve in the armed forces.

Changing the nature of the Army steps to the second bullet point on the 2nd Amendment. Most rank and file in uniform would disobey orders to conduct weapons roundups. Not overtly or in public but subversively. They simply would not do it. They come from American living rooms and share deep roots in the Constitution with the people on whom this tyranny would land. On the other hand, changing the culture of the Army by sending home citizen soldiers and recruiting illegal aliens and others, Americans might wake up one morning with an un-American Army that is a greater threat to their liberty than barbarians at our gates.

Diocletian faced a similar problem around 300 AD and filled his Army with Barbarians. He said, “The Roman Army is no longer formed of citizens and is no longer Roman.”

Discrediting Police departments will drive similar results by changing Police and Sheriff department cultures. Let’s look a little deeper. Discredited police departments in cities tend to move into bunker mode. Check out Fort Apache: The Bronx for Hollywood’s version of that. It does not take long before the best cops leave, corruption runs rampant, and like the Army, a culture of excellence is traded in for something else.

The left has a few interesting choices in a gun control round up. Two years from now, an army of former illegal aliens and low quality soldiers, in confederation with cooperating Federal elements, would not have the respect for life or nation held by the citizen soldiers being sent home. In that environment, our military would become the left’s tool for continuing their insurgency against the Constitution. How many Ruby Ridges or Waco style assaults would happen before insurrection spills across the American landscape?

Most Americans could hardly even consider firing on soldiers, policemen, or even agents of the Federal Government. Those folks are our sons, daughters, and neighbors. It is also true that even when angry with them, we are a nation of laws and have a culture of respecting those who serve in harm’s way.

Yet, here is a fact all the Army Field Manuals and Insurgency studies fail to understand. George Washington and a couple of thousand men reached a point where they risked all and started blowing off British heads. That is unusual because Washington, his Army, and the founding fathers came from the same culture of liberty and government that employed and paid for the Red Coats.

Wait a minute. That Army was Hessian mercenaries hired by King George to do the dirty work of suppressing the colonies. Like the Hessians with few moral scruples, the left is conducting an immoral insurgency against the people of our nation. Now we can understand why George Washington and his troopers blew off Red Coat heads.

This should be seen, not as some huge conspiracy, but as a decentralized insurgency conducted by asymmetric elements and groups from the left against the Constitution of the United States. Think of it as a bunch of little conspiracies wrapped in a philosophical Marxist framework.

One last thought on an Army of Illegal Aliens. War becomes easy for the politicians who create that Army. Instead of American citizen casualties and holding the life of that Army precious, the government would view the casualty reports of former illegal aliens like a football game score. Whether or not that game score occurred overseas or at home in a gun round up. Citizens should seriously determine whether they want a careful, thoughtful police force and an Army of citizens or a near mercenary company of illegal aliens armed as soldiers and uncaring about things like the Constitution or the 2nd Amendment.


Jay InmanClearchus is the author of three Science Fiction books; “Sunigin,” “Insurgio,” and “Certo” (Available at Amazon) about the next Texas Revolution. He is a retired Army Field Artilleryman who was one of the last men in the U.S. Army to command an M110 8″ Howitzer firing battery. He currently designs computer networks for commercial, non-profit, and government environments. Married for 32 years to the most gorgeous babe he knows, he and his wife have four kids. Their lives and perspectives straddle military assignments, combat tours, and mission trips across Europe, Asia, and the Horn of Africa.