TRUMPED: The Donald On Jeb, ‘I’ve Had it with the Bushes,’ ‘Not a Fan’

Published on December 16, 2014

Donald Trump is speaking out against Jeb’s latest announcement. Check it out…

Trump said, “I’ve had it with the Bushes. I’m not a fan of the job that his brother did at all. I think his brother was a terrible president … Beyond Obama. Obama’s been a terrible president. But bush likewise was a terrible president and Bush gave us Obama and Bush gave us Justice Roberts, who made Obamacare possible because frankly Obamacare could have been ended if Bush’s appointment voted against it which everybody says he should have and every legal scholar said he should have. While he was appointed by Bush, and a lot of bad things happened under Bush including total destabilization, virtually of the world. Now, Obama’s been no better. He’s probably been worse. But we have two beauties there. I am not a fan of the Bush group.”

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