THE UNHOLY TRINITY: Mark Levin, ‘Obama’s a Coward… Holder’s a ‘Piece Of Crap’… Sharpton’s Waging War On The Cops’

Published on December 26, 2014

Gloves off stuff from Levin, again.

Levine: My blood has been boiling, I’ve been grinding my teeth, listening to all this, watching this, two dead police officers, murdered. President of the United States issues a statement, a written statement. The attorney general of the United States always wants to debate race (with this “nation of cowards”), nowhere to be found. Another coward, another phony. Yes, they do have blood on their hands. No, they didn’t kill these police officers. But they have created an environment with their political war against the cops in this country borne out of Ferguson, Mo., with a police officer there whose career is destroyed, who has a death warrant on his own head, was defending himself and shot a thug who first tried to take his pistol and then returned for more!

And out of that, out of that, the president of the United States and the attorney general of the United States, that piece of crap Sharpton, wherever he shows up, isn’t it funny, things seem to happen, usually violence. Out of that we get riots! Stores are burning in Ferguson, Mo. People are throwing Molotov cocktails. People are shooting their guns. The liberal Democrat governor pulls back on the National Guard. The police have to walk around with their hands in their pocket, afraid to do anything to protect the citizenry. Borne out of what? A lie! A fraud! Because Michael Brown didn’t have his arms up in the air. He was trying to assault, again, if not kill a police officer!

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