AMERICAN SNIPER’S MURDERER: Chris Kyle’s Killer Wants Death Penalty Versus Sitting Behind Bars Forever

Published on January 1, 2015

Should we give a crap what this clown wants? Since he doesn’t want to rot in jail, let’s let him rot in Sheriff Joe’s jail in Arizona.

Now, shortly before the full release of ‘American Sniper,’ a movie already tipped for Oscars, Eddie Ray’s father has broken his silence.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Routh, 55, has told of the layers of guilt and grief that torment him and revealed that they have torn apart his marriage of 33 years.

He has shared his anguish for the families of Kyle and Littlefield; his conviction that their deaths could have been prevented had his son received adequate psychiatric from the Department of Veterans Affairs and his fear that the release of ‘American Sniper’ just three weeks before Eddie Ray stands trial will be his son’s ‘downfall’ and ensure that justice will not be served.

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He said: ‘I am so sorry for the Kyles and the Littlefields. We wrote them letters of apology after it happened but you can’t talk to them because there’s anger, there’s hurt. They want justice. How do I explain I want justice for my son too?’

Because, according to Mr Routh there were no villains on the shooting range that day – only victims.

He said: ‘It ain’t just their loss. We all lost. We lost three people that day.

‘Whatever happens I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my son forever.’

There is a bleak inevitability in Mr Routh’s assertion. Although prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty the only two outcomes are life without parole or life in a psychiatric ward.

Mr Routh knows that, if he had the choice, his son would choose the death penalty. He has told his father as much.

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