ARRESTED FOR EXORCISM: Man ‘Speaking in Tongues’ Pins Chick to Floor for an Exorcism

Published on January 1, 2015

Dear Exorcists: Before you command a demon to leave a lady make certain she’s cool with it. Your Friend, Doug.

A man in Yuba City is accused of pinning a woman to the floor and performing an exorcism.

Francisco Bracamonte, 42, pleaded not guilty Monday to felony charges of false imprisonment, battery and carrying a dirk or dagger. He was booked into Sutter County Jail on Dec. 24. His bail is $20,000.

The alleged victim said Bracamonte, who she knew, began engaging in extremely bizarre behavior and was “speaking in tongue” while holding a Bible, according to court documents.

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He picked her up and squeezed her, causing the woman to have sore ribs, and then pinned her to the floor.

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