BACKWARDS: Violent Leftists Increase Demonization of Right

Written by Paul Hair on January 4, 2015

Leftists have proved they are a domestic national security threat, yet even as they encourage division and insurrection, and even as they riot and murder, they take no responsibility and instead continue accusing the right of being the threat to the United States.

Ever since Muslims attacked the U.S. on September 11, 2001 leftists have increasingly accused the right-wing of being a domestic national security threat. In fact, the left has accused the right of being the domestic national security threat.

The accusations have gone on for so long that I spent a great deal of time writing a lengthy series documenting all the various accusations and debunking them. Meanwhile, it is high time for the nation to recognize the left as being the greatest domestic national security threat to the nation. Leftists support the Islamic War on the West and they are in and of themselves violent and warring against foundational America.

The threat of leftists to the nation is now abundantly clear with the initial Ferguson, MO riots having led to an open war on the U.S. Leaders on the left, always cautioning “folks” not to rush to judgment or to foment “backlash” against Muslims every time they attack, now support (in one form or another) hatred and violence against white police and white people in general. Indeed, leftist leaders stoke the mob to riots and violence by promoting myths and outright lies.

Leftists—including high-ranking officials—rationalize thugs murdering cops by saying that police killing a career criminal “triggered” or “provoked” them. This leftist stoking of riots and violence has become so bad that it is now impossible to tell if anti-cop and anti-American rhetoric is coming from leftist leaders or the official Twitter account of the Ayatollah of Iran.

Yet despite all this, there are no apologies from the left. Nor is there any sincere effort from the right to make the left answer for its guilt. Instead, leftists are ratcheting up their accusations that it is the right that is dangerous and violent—that it is the right that is just moments away from a revolution that will result in the slaughter of millions and destruction of everything.

Frank Schaeffer recently denounced Christians and conservatives, and warned that Tea Partiers and other law-abiding citizens are dangerous on a national scale.

And Jared Diamond, writing in the Los Angeles Times, insinuated that the politically right-of-center are greater threats to the U.S. than Muslims.

We Americans today are focused on the wrong threats to American democracy. We are obsessed with threats from overseas: from terrorists and Islamist extremists, and from other countries. But realistically, while terrorists and Islamists and other countries will continue to cause trouble for us, the chance of their ending American democracy is nil. The only real threat to American democracy comes from Americans themselves. If our politicians continue to yield to pressure from extremists not to compromise and remain mired in gridlock, the majority of decent Americans may in frustration come to view an authoritarian government as the only solution to political gridlock — as a lesser evil that has to be tolerated.

It’s still fashionable to call for reconciliation between the left and right. But as I’ve said before such calls are nonsense. There is no room for reconciliation or compromise with a national security threat that increasingly engages in violence and evilness even as it accuses its victims of being the perpetrators. It is long past time that the dwindling patriotic Americans recognize this and start developing a strategy of fighting back against the leftist war on America.



Paul Hair
Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.