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IN BARACK OBAMA’S AMERICA: The Need for Discernment

If and or when America is restored to her persona of greatness, the discernment of “We the People” must be upgraded. The word discernment is defined in Noah Webster’s First Edition of the American Dictionary of the English Language as: the act of discernment; also the power or faculty of the mind, by which it distinguishes one thing from another, as truth from falsehood, virtue from vice; acuteness of judgment; power of perceiving differences of things or ideas, and their relations and tendencies.

It used to be said that the errors of youth often proceed from want of discernment. When one considers the five (maybe more) decades of the gradual peeling away the teaching of good morality, virtue, or just general goodness, it is little wonder that perhaps over a third of all Americans now designate what is good as evil and what is evil as good.

President Obama proudly said during his State of the Union address that “legislation of same sex marriage in the United States represents America at it’s best.” At one time homosexuality was considered to be both an unnatural and wrong activity. But now, the supposed leader of the free world considers something noted to be more hazardous than cigarette smoking to be something good.

I agree with minister Franklin Graham, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, who recently said that “This country was built by Christian principles, it was men and women who believed in God and believed in his son Jesus Christ who built this country.” Graham went on to say that “We are the greatest nation in the history of the world. It wasn’t built by Islam, and it wasn’t built by any other group. It was those who supported and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

That worthy belief was at one time commonly accepted and believed. But due to bigoted progressives who were allowed to gain control of the government school educational system and most colleges and universities, America’s hallmark of morality has become severely tarnished.

One of the biggest mistakes ever made in United States history was for schools such as Trinity College in North Carolina, started by Methodist and Quaker families in 1841 in Randolph County North Carolina, to be morphed into dens on indoctrination. In 1924 Trinity College President William Few changed the colleges name to Duke University, to honor James B. Duke, a philanthropist who established a $40 million trust fund for the school. That action paved the way for a major change in direction for the former Trinity College, which has gone far beyond switching from one name to another. Duke University, like most other so-called institutions of higher learning has been turned into a progressive den of indoctrination that convinces students that America was horrible from it’s inception until now.

Participants in the Christian faith are not so welcomed on the same campus originally envisioned, founded, and shepherded by Christians. Yet the same discriminatory campus big wigs are okay with allowing Muslims to conduct a blaringly loud call to prayer every Friday.

At one time, school teachers and most administrators were most concerned about making sure that American students were the best educated in the world. From the earliest days of our republic until the early 1960s that was the common practice. Schools also reflected the good values that most parents taught at home to their children, as did ministers conveying from their pulpits.

As a result, not only were Americans the best educated in the world, but they were also blessed with discernment or the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, as well as the desire to seek and utilize wisdom.

Unfortunately the parasitical progressives have moved in like a virus and have taken over schools; the government, today’s dragon media and a great portion of the church are in a position to radically change our republic into a second tier progressive/Muslim dominated nation. The President’s recent state of the union speech was chock full of half truths and a few lies. Of course his bold bending of the truth is bolstered by a perception that most Americans are too ignorant to distinguish between truth and fiction. But who can blame Obama? After all he was elected twice and is frantically working to damage America beyond repair before he leaves office.

Because of a lack of discernment and wisdom throughout the masses, the President had the nerve to expound about how great the economy is doing. Yet American Express recently announced it is shedding four thousand jobs, while Ebay is slashing two thousand four hundred positions.

As you read this column, over two trillion dollars of potential investment into the United States economy remains far off shore. Why? Because Obama refuses to even consider lowering our nation’s corporate tax rate, which is the highest on earth. Also draconian environmental laws hamper the free exercise of business activity.

Mr. Obama’s refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline is another impediment to a growth in opportunities that would spawn a dramatic increase of economic expansion for all segments of society.

Unfortunately, the President doesn’t care about the positive aspects of unbridled free market opportunities. He, along with his fellow progressives, relies upon the lack of discernment that has plagued many Americans, especially during the past several years. They are hoping that remains the case until it is too late to reverse their mission of political, moral and economic desolation.

However I am of the opinion that those who desire to see America on the ash heap of great nations who have gone by the wayside are grossly mistaken. Americans are waking up and growing weary of governmental overreach and abuse. They are also rediscovering the righteous path that first led America to greatness and will restore her status as that shining city on a hill.

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Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards is host of the award winning radio commentary The Edwards Notebook is syndicated throughout America. He is a renowned journalist and a highly sought after speaker with numerous organizations. Whether it is exceptional radio commentaries or columns Ron always "Blows away the Myths and reveals the Truth"