‘BEAR LADY KILLED BY BEAR’: When You’re Around Wild Game, Remember…It’s Wild

Published on January 30, 2015

Is she related to Timothy Treadwell? The ‘Bear Lady’ of North Carolina may have been savaged to death by the bears she was famous for feeding.

A woman known as North Carolina’s ‘Bear Lady’ may have been killed by a bear.

The remains of Kay Grayson, 67, were found in a well-known bear path just 100 yards from her isolated home in Tyrrell County on Monday.

Authorities could only find bones, hair and ripped clothing, which had likely been there for two weeks after she was reported missing.

Awaiting the results of a post mortem examination, Sheriff Darryl Liverman told FoxNews.com he believe it is likely she was attacked by a bear.

‘Based on what we saw, we do believe that she was dragged into the woods by bears or multiple bears,’ he said. ‘The remains were on a path that was used by bears. Her clothing had been ripped by what appeared to be bears.’

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