CHA-CHING: Picasso’s Granddaughter Selling $290mil Of Her ‘Cold’ Grandfather’s Art

She also claims he abandoned her family to live in poverty. believes that’s about to change.

The granddaughter of legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is selling off a selection of his art work, as well as his famous French villa, for an expected $290million.

Marina Picasso, who has famously spoken of Picasso being incredibly cold and distant from herself and her brother when they were children, has put at least seven pieces of art up for grabs.

The offering includes a 1921 painting called ‘Maternite’ for $50m (£35m), his 1911 ‘Femme a la Mandoline’ for $60m (£40m), and a 1923 portrait of his first wife Olga Khokhlova for $60m (£40m).

She is selling the artwork to the clients personally and will meet with prospective buyers in Geneva, according to the The New York Post.

Also offered for sale is her grandfather’s estate in Cannes, France, the paper reported.

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