CLASS ACT: Actor Bradley Cooper Gives Troops a Surprise They Won’t Forget

Published on January 21, 2015

Bradley Cooper is actually living out his appreciation for the troops, instead of bad mouthing them like the other turds in Hollywood (AKA Michael Moore).

Sure it’s always fun to have a famous movie actor show up at your workplace, but it was Cooper’s amazing portrayal of the most celebrated military sniper, Chris Kyle that made the servicemen and women feel understood.

According to BAMC, a Marine in the audience stood up following a screening of the film and tearfully thanked Cooper for such a real portrayal. “I feel like you are one of my brothers,” he said. “I think you did really well and I just want to say ‘Thank you.’”

Cooper joined Chris Kyle’s father, Wayne, and two veterans, Bryan Anderson and Jacob Schick, who also appeared in the film, for a screening of the movie to about 260 service members and staff. While the movie screened in the auditorium, Cooper went around the corner to the Institute of Surgical Research Burn Center Rehabilitation Gym where he visited patients, staff, and Warrior Transition Battalion Soldiers.

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