COUNT ME OUT! Je Suis Non Charlie

Published on January 11, 2015

by Noreen O’Brien
Clash Daily Contributor

Je Suis Non Charlie! I am not Charlie! As sorry as I am that people died in France this week I am not Charlie.

I am all for free speech, but please do not link me to the vile rag that was Charlie Hebdo. Do not link me with a country that has allowed 751 no go zones, meant for Muslims only. Do not link me to a country that has allowed thousands of car torching’s for the last few years, 940 alone this New Year’s Eve. A country that gave the ayatollah refuge.

I’m glad for the vigils, I’m glad for the rallies, but the same words are still being said. “It’s not Islam it’s disenfranchised youth, it’s not Islam it’s radicalized Muslims, it’s people who are interpreting the Koran wrong, Islam means peace!!!

If I thought this attack was going to change anything, I would fly to France myself and take up a flag right in the front of the line.

But it won’t.

Remember Hansel and Gretel? The story by the Brothers Grimm that’s not being read in schools anymore? Remember how their father and step mother brought them into the woods during a time when no-one could afford to put food on their tables? They left them in the woods twice. The first time the children found their way home, the second they weren’t so lucky and found a house made with every kind of yummy thing a child could think of. When they started eating they realized just what they had done but it was too late and they were thrown into a cage to be prepared to be cannibalized by an evil witch.

This is how I now see things in America. We have been lead down a path and into the woods with promises of every good thing we could imagine only to realize we weren’t paying attention to the witch. We’ve given up our rights willingly to a government in hopes they will finally identify and protect us from the evil that is Islam. A government who is more interested in cannibalizing every last cent, hope and dream of honest hard working people to fund Obama’s good will tours.

The only thing I want is someone to explain to me how we’re surprised by any of this? Islam has to warn the people they are going to attack, what they don’t have to do is tell anyone when. It could take years, and in fact has, but until the next attack they are busy making babies and creating the same no go zones we find all over Europe. Look at Dearborn! And there are many more, as well as hundreds of military training camps, right here where our deaths are being practiced. They can take their time, lull us again into complacency and then strike.

So if we need to know what Islam is up to, head to almost any mosque anywhere in the world or take a walk in a no go zone, you’ll see for yourselves. Why doesn’t our government know anything??

We’re leaving Afghanistan, less money is going to Homeland Security, the borders are still open and we’re emptying Guantanamo.

Does Obama understand that when one side stops fighting it’s called surrender?

This government calls us racist yet 16 towns and villages have been razed and thousands murdered recently by Muslims in Nigeria, and Holder is flying to Paris to show solidarity or buy a baguette, who knows. Nice work if you can get it.

I have now stopped paying attention. I wrote off the left a long time ago, they have absolutely nothing to add to the debate but dirty diapers. I mean did you hear what Howard Dean had to say??I will not listen to the right unless they have a solution and are willing to implement it. And it better involve deportation, jail, no more immigration from Muslim countries and their mosques and background’s need to be open to everyone!

I will watch what’s happening in the world and take precautions by the signs from Islam, and there are many. I will take my cues from history. I will spend time trying to make people aware of what is going on.

I refuse to put my trust in people who have done nothing but make us less safe since 9/11
I am done! It’s time to throw the witch into the oven!

Vive Le Pen! Marine Le Pen that is.

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Noreen O'BrienNoreen O’Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.