COURTS TO THE RESCUE? Supremes vs. ‘Death Panels’?

Published on January 3, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

Seems many of the progressive nay-sayers are over-looking and hiding that the Supreme Court has ordered the Administration to respond by 01/21/15 to a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of Obamacare and in particular, what about a “death panel”.  Was it Shakespeare that said “a rose by any other name?”  Well the “Death Panel, (Obamacare Rose) is written to be unaccountable to congress or the federal courts.  The “death panel” is hidden under the name, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, (IPAB).

The IPAB has been given the authority to approve or disapprove payments for services and set the level of payment.  This was passed under the guise to control Medicare costs.  Who sits on this panel?  How are they appointed?  What determines their decisions?  Is cost-containment their primary charter?  Is there a timely appeal process?

Under Obamacare, this board is not required to answer to congress and is unaccountable to the federal courts. The panel has the authority to approve or disapprove the payment and services of Medicare, all to “control costs”.  This suddenly becomes a more than serious threat to all seniors and establishes a small step to include Medicaid and the balance of Obamacare.  If you think this is far fetched, why was the IPAB Medicare panel established in Obamacare?

A first potential of the IPAB is to obtain a list of all Social Security recipients as “non-productive seniors” (retired) and disabled. Voting rolls and lists from Congress can legally report political adversaries, or any other chosen group.  The IPAB does not have to refuse certain medical treatment; they only have to cut the allowed insurance, (initially Medicare) payment for certain individuals to a level that doctors and hospitals are unable to respond to.  

Note that the payments for certain Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare services and treatments have already resulted in certain refusals by some doctors and hospitals.  This allows the government to paint them as the bad guys when in fact, the IPAB, (death panel) will be the culprit.

Once again we will be served the phrase; “trust us”.  Before you do, recall that trust was requested for the “Kool-Aide” re: You can keep your insurance; You can keep your doctor; Your insurance costs will go down by an average of $2,500 per year; The American people are “stupid”; and so much more.

I highly suggest that everyone, not just seniors, research about this “death panel” and respond to your Senators and Representatives.  Are we bringing to life Logan’s Run or just establishing an amplification of Dr. Mengele’s practices of the 1930’s and 40’s to rid the empire of the unwanted?

Image: Dr. Josef Mengele: orvos