A DOUGHNUT TSUNAMI: Supporting Law Enforcement

Published on January 10, 2015

by Anonymous

You are far enough removed that we can tell you a story and request unanimity.  We tell you this story with the intent to encourage others to follow our idea. This is in response to the disgusting and angering attacks and /or ambushing of police. It’s starting point is Springfield, OR and we hope Sharpton, De Blasio, Holder and Obama get the message.

Early this morning we went to a local store that includes a bakery that prepares and sells a variety of donuts. Under agreement of unanimity, we purchased 10 “chits”, each good for a dozen doughnut products.  These ten chits were then delivered to the local police “watch commander”; also with agreement of unanimity.  We encourage others to do the same.  Note that purchasing the donuts directly is NOT recommended but rather a “chit” for the police to pick them up.  They can pick them up for their “coffee room” during briefing, etc. 

Unanimity is imperative for a variety of reasons.

Let’s make it a nationwide wave of “doughnut chits” to express our support of the police. 
Following is the note we gave with the ten chits, but how about preparing your own?

To Our Local Cops.

None are perfect but when the public is in need of help, they dial 911 and do not first question the perfection of who may respond just as you do not question the details of the one you are rushing to aid or protect.

Without question of perfection, the enclosed is for the purchase of a round of doughnuts for those in civil uniform that serve an imperfect populace.  We pray that during the coming year, you all go in safety and when you are frowned upon, know that the vast majority of those you serve support you “being there” when called.

Thank you for your service.

An anonymous but caring citizen and his wife.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8011986@N02/7037260069/