FOOL NEVER LEARNS? Foolishness and Gun Control

Published on January 25, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

To My Country : A fool never learns and I’m gonna do a very foolish thing, I’m gonna stick by you, gonna fight for you, and I’m gonna honor my oath to protect you from all enemies foreign and democratic,  err RINO,  err domestic. Forgive my slip of the computer keys.
A recent headline said that if you are pro life, then you have to support gun control. I believe that if you are for the protection of INNOCENT life then you must also be against gun control as guns protect more lives than are taken by criminals. If you believe that we don’t need guns then you are saying that we need to disarm all our troops, and dismantle all our fighting and bombing aircraft and all our Navy ships. If our Country needs protection on the World scene, then we need protection on the domestic scene. Not just from criminals, but from our government, particularly under it’s current leadership.
That includes my representative Will Hurd whose staff told me they weren’t aware of any polls that showed that 60 % of republicans wanted him replaced. I am including a link so that I can forward to his office. FYI, the link is , dated 1/2/2015 before he was sworn into office. If he wasn’t aware of the pool then either he or someone on his staff is letting their incompetence show. And to think that I donated to his election fund as well as to the election funds of 4 or 5 other Tea Party candidates. Can someone pull the knife out of my back ?
Please call your Republican Congressmen and ask them why they ignored their constituents’ wishes and re- elected him squeaker of the mouse .
To The Criminal Element Of Our Society : A fool never learns and I’m gonna do a very foolish thing . I’m going to tell you and maybe some others will take heart, that when my wife and I go out shopping etc. we do not walk together, but are usually separated by between 10 feet to 10 yards. Why is it foolish to tell you this ? There was another headline that “Mom’s Demand Action” are incensed that a man was arrested for tackling another man for carrying a gun . The tackler was arrested for assault because the man had a concealed carry permit, and was carrying the gun legally !
I can legally carry a handgun, and I can tell you that If someone tackles/assaults my wife, I would consider her to be in a life-threatening situation and I would take appropriate trigger pulls to stop the threat. If someone were to tackle me I believe that my wife is fully capable of doing the same to my attacker as I would do to hers. I consider the individual very lucky to have been arrested uninjured. He was lucky the legal carrier didn’t get to pull his weapon and lucky that a friend/relative wasn’t nearby for a few appropriate trigger pulls to eliminate his threat .
Say a little prayer that the attacker has learned a lesson and doesn’t put his life in jeopardy again.
Lord, I ask that you continue to protect us from the fools in this world, even when we are the fools. Save me from having to make a decision to protect myself, my wife, and others as I have no desire to hasten someone else’s meeting with you. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.


mike martinMike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….