GEORGE CLOONEY’S WIFE TICKED OFF MUSLIM JUDGE: Amal Clooney Threatened With Arrest For Exposing Egypt’s ‘Judicial System’

Published on January 3, 2015

Egypt has a judicial system?

As an actor, George Clooney is used to starring in emotional scenes.

But as the Hollywood star embraced his new wife Amal at their beachside bar in Mexico on New Year’s Day, he found himself cast firmly in a supportive role.

For top-flying human rights lawyer Amal has been threatened with arrest in Egypt after presenting a report that exposed flaws in the country’s judicial system.

The 36-year-old revealed she was issued with the threat after identifying the same cracks in the system that led to the conviction of three Al Jazeera journalists – who are now her clients.

With her journalist clients in Egypt launching a new appeal yesterday, Amal has been speaking out to further their cause.

Talking to The Guardian’s Patrick Kingsley after the Al Jazeera journalists’ appeal hearing this week, she explained: ‘When I went to launch the report, first of all they stopped us from doing it in Cairo.

‘They said “does the report criticise the army, the judiciary, or the government?” We said “well, yes”. They said “well then, you’re risking arrest”.’

The report, compiled on behalf of the International Bar Association, suggested Egypt’s judicial system was insufficiently independent.

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