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GREEN BERET CALLS BS: On The PTSD Excuse Used By American Sniper’s Killer

Pictured: Left, Green Beret Bryan Sikes; Middle, Eddie Ray Routh; Right, Chris Kyle.

Doug Giles, the CEO of, said on his personal Facebook page regarding the murderer of Chris Kyle¬†wanting the death penalty, “Who gives a crap what this clown wants? Since he doesn’t want to rot in jail lets let him rot in jail.”


A girl commented on the post saying, “[Eddie Ray Routh] was a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD…”

Giles replied, ”¬†I‘ve worked with and am friends with many soldiers with PTSD … many deployments … in the worst hot zones in Iraq and Afghanistan and they don’t kill hero-snipers.”

She replied one more time before what happened next, “I too have done a lot of work with veterans groups. I wouldn’t presume to understand the mental wounds left on those who served in combat operations. Its a tragedy. As your article notes, the man is clearly in anguish over what he did. I have friends who have had fellow vet friends commit suicide–Ones they never “thought” would do it. War is an ugly thing that leaves mental and physical wounds on those who were part of it. I Think showing them some grace is warranted.”


Green Beret Bryan Sikes, who has written several mega-viral posts which can be seen here and here, then decided to weigh in with this epic response. No rebuttal has been sent to Bryan as of yet:

I hate to burst your bubble but your logic is extremely flawed. You honestly think “showing grace” is warranted to a guy that murdered 2 people in cold blood? I don’t care to get into a social media word fight with you as, I have no doubt you’re intellectually beyond me. I can, however, speak from a place of real experience. Not your after school special version of “experience” in working with veteran groups and having friends of friends of friends who have committed suicide.

Let’s clarify the first issue in your sideways view of PTSD as it pertains to this situation.

Eddie Ray Routh is nothing more than a murdering piece of shit, deserving of no one’s grace or sympathy. As far as I’m concerned, his family also rows that same boat. I say this for 2 reasons: he threatened to kill his family and they knew how messed up he was. His family knew he was committed to a mental institution on 2 occasions. Let’s be honest, knowing all this, what parent or family member in their right mind would allow him to attend an event at a shooting range? Then this same family member (his father) publicly says the tragedy could have been prevented had his son received adequate psychiatric care from the VA. Well, screw you pops, you could have prevented it if you weren’t so completely spineless and had stood between your son and the general public.

Don’t presume you know a thing about PTSD. You come from a privileged background, an influential family and have never served in the armed forces or been deployed. Your compassion is seriously misplaced. PTSD has to be the most overused excuse for piss poor decision making in recent history. People with real PTSD don’t murder someone, take their vehicle to flee the crime scene and calmly say, “I traded my soul for a truck,” to their sister. Routh is a disgrace to the armed forces and humanity and is deserving of only the worst punishment that can be dealt. I’d suggest sticking to topics that you have actual experience in.

Very Respectfully,
Bryan Sikes,
Combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient and someone who still believes in being accountable for ones own actions.




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