GUTFELD GUTS CNN: CNN Calls Terrorists ‘Activists’, Then Gutfeld Jackhammers Them

Published on January 11, 2015

Boom. 1000pts for Greg.

Greg Gutfeld tonight slammed the media’s coverage of the terror attacks in France this week.

“It’s good to see all these vocal free speech supporters, many of whom were silent when [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali, Condoleezza Rice and others were kept from speaking on campuses,” Greg Gutfeld quipped. “I suppose you only express solidarity when it’s cool and there’s a neat hashtag.”

Gutfeld cautioned that terror wins when fighting evil is labeled as bigoted by the media, campuses and our leaders.

Gutfeld played a clip of CNN’s Christiane Amanpour calling terrorists “activists,” reacting with a bewildered, “What?!”

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