Hero Of The Day: MN Councilman Pulls Gun On Shooter And Saves Lives

Published on January 27, 2015

Who would think you would need a gun in a police department.  Thank God for John Elder and the 2nd Amendment and the government building was not a “gun free zone”.

John Elder, a Minnesota city councilman who also works as a public information officer at the local police department, is being hailed as a hero for having the wherewithal to pull his gun on an armed attacker who had stormed the government meeting and opened fire on two officers.

The police officers were wounded; the shooter was shot and killed shortly after by police, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Mr. Elder, a member of New Hope’s Council, heard the gunshots, ducked and found cover on the dais, and shouted to his fellow council members and those in the audience, the New York Daily News reported: “Everybody get down!”

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