‘HE’S A MAMA’S BOY’: Father Of Muslim Plotting To Blow Up U.S. Capitol Says His Son Is a Sweetie

Published on January 15, 2015

Have you noticed how parents always say their terrorist or gang-banging piece of crap kids are lovely and winsome? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

A radicalized Muslim convert from Ohio who was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly plotting a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol is a ‘peace-loving momma’s boy’, his father has insisted.

Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, had planned to detonate pipe bombs in the U.S. Capitol before opening fire on fleeing government officials in December 2015, according to a criminal complaint.

But his father isn’t buying it.

‘They’ve already painted him as some kind of terrorist,’ John Cornell told the Cincinnati Enquirer. ‘(Christopher) is one of the most peace-loving people I know.’

Speaking from their home in Green Township, Cornell, 60, claimed his son was a ‘momma’s boy who never left’ their apartment and said he still loves him despite the charges.

‘I think he was a really vulnerable kid, just a big kid,’ he said.

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