HEY, BLACK BRUNCHERS: Ex-NYPD Cop Slams ‘Black Brunch’ With Gun-toting Selfie

I love Eggs Benedict with a .45ACP.

After activists stormed bunch spots Sunday to protest police killings, an ex-NYPD officer fired back with a heated tweet.

John Cardillo posted a selfie with his gun pointed at the camera Sunday evening captioned, “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC.”

Protesters used the same hashtag hours earlier when they walked into New York and California restaurants serving brunch and read the names of black people who died at the hands of police, including Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

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About 25 people attended the Manhattan protest, which included stops at Maialino, Lallisse, the Barking Dog and Pershing Square. More showed up in Oakland.

“Brunch is symbolic for people of leisure and White Privilege,”the group explained on Twitter.“We’re not violent, but militant: we’re going to hold these spaces.”

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