HEY PETA: Jessica Walter Has A Disturbing Dolphin Story From ‘Flipper’

Written by Gayne C. Young on January 8, 2015

It’s the frozen treat PETA won’t care to eat.

Or think about.

Actress Jessica Walter of Arrested Development and Archer fame told a story on a recent episode of NPR’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn that’s sure to have PETA – and dolphin lovers – fuming for weeks and scrambling to invent a time machine in order to right the wrong that was executed decades ago.

Speaking of one of her first acting gigs Ms. Walter recalled, “One of my first shows I ever did on film was Flipper. Remember, ‘Flipper, Flipper’? It was shot in Florida and it was about this dolphin. And so I get to Florida … they had a thing where Flipper, in the story, he comes out of a helicopter and he dives into the ocean to pick up this medicine… this trunk of medicine that’s gonna save people on my boat that’s stranded. So sure enough, you know, the helicopter, we set up the shots and we’re in the middle of somewhere in Florida in the ocean. And this helicopter, the thing opens up and OUT COMES FLIPPER, right into the ocean. Dives in. I said ‘Well isn’t that amazing!’ “He said ‘Well that’s a frozen dead dolphin.’”

A frozen dolphin?!

Were those legal to sell back in 1964?

If not, where did the crew get such a prop?

The episode Jessica is referring to is entitled “300 Feet Below” and first aired in 1964.

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