HEY, SHARPTON: Muslims Slaughter 1000s Of Blacks In Nigeria, Where’s Your Outrage?

I guess Al hasn’t figured out how to monetize their deaths yet.

By Allen West,

Hey, what ever happened to that group who kidnapped all those girls in Nigeria — you know, heck… what was their name? I remember that hashtag thing, what was it? Doggone hard to believe… I thought I remembered it. Oh well, it seems so long ago. Who cares really, right?

The families of the thousands butchered probably do – but no one is organizing a march for them. I guess those black lives don’t matter, do they Al, Eric or Barry? reports “On Friday, Amnesty International released a report about a recent series of attacks by Boko Haram that killed hundreds, if not thousands of people in Nigeria.

According to Daniel Eyre, the author of the Amnesty report, the terror groups raids on Baga, a border town near Chad, may constitute the group’s “deadliest act” yet: If reports that the town was largely razed to the ground and that hundreds or even as many as 2,000 civilians were killed are true, this marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram’s ongoing onslaught against the civilian population.”

Yea, those guys, Boko Haram, and silly me, I thought we were going to git ‘em! After all, everyone was running around with that very threatening hashtag campaign which really skeered those rascal violent extremists who are Presbyterians, or are they Calvinists, nah, Lutherans? Just kidding, everyone knows they are fundamentalist Southern Baptists.

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