HORRIBLE: Parents Share Suicide Note of Their Ivy League Track Star Daughter

Published on January 22, 2015

The thing that struck me the most about this sad story were the multiple pictures she posted on Instagram of her having fun, when the opposite was true.

The parents of a popular University of Pennsylvania track star who took her life last January have shared her tragic suicide note.

Madison Holleran, 19, jumped to her death from atop a Philadelphia parking garage, leaving behind a note and gifts for members of her family.

‘I thought how unpleasant it was to be locked out, and I thought how it is worse perhaps to be locked in,’ said the young woman, who left behind cookies for her grandparents, chocolate for her father and necklaces for her mother – all of whom are trying to cherish the life of the young woman they lost rather than mourn her death.

‘During the funeral, a guy from [the town] came and said, “Jim, if I were to tell you, I’m God and I’m going to give you a daughter for 19 years but I will take her back, will you take this deal?” ‘ said Jim Holleran, Madison’s father.

‘And I said, you just told me about Madison. So I would say yes. She gave me 19 phenomenal years.’

Madison Holleran’s Suicide Note

‘I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out, and I thought how it is worse perhaps to be locked in. For you mom…the necklaces…For you, Nana & Papa…GingerSnaps (always reminds me of you)…For you Ingrid…The Happiness Project. And Dad…the Godiva chocolate truffles. I love you all…I’m sorry. I love you.’

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