Written by Ron Edwards on January 31, 2015

President Obama is very proud of his achievements. Who can blame him? After all, he said he would set out to fundamentally change America and he has. For example, it wasn’t until he became president that an overall loss of jobs, higher taxes and more anti-business regulations could be dubbed an economic recovery. He said that certain terrorist groups were weakened.

But despite his hot air bloviating, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Isis and other destructive organizations are stronger than they have been in quite some time. The president has touted the strength of our military while ferreting out any patriotic or principled general to end his military career. But along with being the hot air Administration, one cannot neglect the fact the Barak H. Obama is technically a traitor in chief as well. Not only to America, but to our valued allies throughout the world.

Yes, he let out some hot air during a strong sounding statement when Putin unleashed his military on Ukraine, but the hope of any help from the United States quickly evaporated along with Obama’s hot air. Of course, along with Mr. Obama’s practice of spouting hot air is his dutiful following of the Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook. One thing is for sure, the Alinsky followers like Obama consistently utilize a real or imagined problem to harp on until everyone is nauseated. Then they will create the illusion that the problem they complained about is gradually being solved. Of course they eventually admit the problem they knew would never be solved was not solved and demand more money and attention. Thus to their sick pleasure, bigger problems arise so they have more issues to condemn America about.

Neither civil nor bastardized rights, the current application of welfare, the war on poverty, free cell phones nor drivers licenses for illegal immigrants have improved the quality of life for Americans. But the progressive Hot Air Administration and all Alinsky inspired progressives insist on such burdens which they present to the ignorant masses as solutions.

One has to wonder, why after nineteen trillion dollars most American haven’t demanded an end to the costly poverty elimination programs that have had a minimal effect on the poverty rate and have helped bring to tatters, the fabric of American society. According to the Cato Institutes policy analysis, the United States poverty rate was nineteen percent in 1964. After decades of wasted capital, that should have been left in the private economy to provide opportunities via jobs and new businesses, the multi-decade redistribution of wealth produced a meager recent poverty rate of 15.1 percent. Clearly the government has been allowed to enact the wrong things for a long time.

As a result, America has been reduced to an entitlement, you-owe-me society. I could go on at this time about that orchestrated drain on the economy, but will resume at another time.

Turning our attention to the Obama administration’s pride over the United States being number one in the world in wind power. Recently the president gleefully told a cheering crowd at the University of Kansas about his vision of middle class economics. In fact he bragged about America being number one in the world in the production of wind power. Please forgive me for envisioning him blowing hot air like a six foot tall tea pot, but I could not help it.

According to the Department of Energy, wind power now accounts for a “whopping” four percent of American electricity production. It is more important to know (according to a CNS News report) that the increase of wind generated energy electricity over the past six years does not even come close to making up for the loss of coal generated electricity. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 2014 was the most expensive year for electricity ever in the United States. Of course, Mr. Hot Air has touted the wonders of solar power. “It has grown by leaps and bounds since 2007.” But to date it only supplies about 0.23 percent of the nation’s electric power.

Now despite the increases in both solar and wind energy in the United States, they still do not make up for the reduction of energy production from coal. That is due to draconian government regulations that have hampered coal extraction and production. This practice of misrepresenting the wonders of wind and solar energy? At the same time taking major credit for lower prices per gallon at the local gas station, which is purposely misleading. Mr. Hope and change America has been waging a not so subtle war against coal production. In addition he has refused to allow any increase in off shore drilling areas or acreage on federal lands. The major reason The United States has been blessed with any increase in oil production in recent years is two-fold with nothing to do with president Obama.

One is a small increase of federal lands allocated for drilling during the George W. Bush administration. But more importantly, private lands in North Dakota have been opened up for drilling. As a result, America’s stature as an oil production nation has risen substantially. Thus the real reason for lower petrol prices. Obama’s buddies in Saudi Arabia are not happy with America’s oil production increase and have been flooding the world market with oil with the goal of putting upstart United States oil producers out of business.

I find it ironic that the President would even take credit for something he does not even desire to happen. Which is American families saving money on fuel prices due to increased American energy capacity.

But despite Obama’s Saul Alinsky, George Soros inspired goals for the United States, I am firmly convinced that president Obama will not succeed in the complete overthrow of greatness here in America. Not through his support of wasting our republic’s wealth on non-solutions like wind energy windmills that kill migratory birds by the ton. Not through his refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline. Not allowing the reduction of our nations corporate tax rate (the highest on earth) will Obama realize his goal of collapsing our way of life. Of course Mr. Obama and certain establishment Republicans want to jack up gasoline taxes, because they cannot stand the slight economic relief the public has experienced at the gas pump.

In other words, Obama and other big government stiffs prefer to saddle you and me with an equal burden economy as opposed to an equal opportunity economy. Thus you have the Hot Air Administration of President Obama that has caused the United States to tumble to number twelve according to the Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Index of Economic Freedom down from number six when pro American George W. Bush resided in the White House. Despite the dire nature of the goals and actions of the current regime and their cronies, America’s days of doom shall be overcome through the restoration of the principles that made her great and providential guidance. Like Ronald Reagan said decades ago, we win, they lose.



Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards is host of the award winning radio commentary The Edwards Notebook is syndicated throughout America. He is a renowned journalist and a highly sought after speaker with numerous organizations. Whether it is exceptional radio commentaries or columns Ron always "Blows away the Myths and reveals the Truth"