INVESTIGATION: The Curious Case Of Michael Moore’s Uncle

Published on January 25, 2015

Here’s the most thorough report on Moore’s uncle, who was supposedly killed by a sniper according to Moore.

By John Cardillo

Bloggers set out to discredit Moore, with the opening salvo fired by Charles C. Johnson &

Charles Johnson’s investigation hinged on information gleaned from Moore family genealogy posted on a popular website. A photo of Moore’s war hero uncle “Herbert Laurence “Lornie” Moore” was posted to the Moore family tree.

Others investigating began to find discrepancies in Moore’s claim, as well as in the information and photo posted to the genealogy website.

Most notably, @Nickarama1 (Nick for purposes of this piece) of the popular blog Weasel Zippers.

Nick and I spent a good portion of time today digging into various records repositories and databases, yet could find no mention of a WWII Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman named Lawrence Moore who was KIA Manila, 1945.

No matter our opinion of Michael Moore, his father’s obituary confirms that Francis Richard Moore was by any definition a a good man and a WWII hero. A member of the 1st Marine Corps Division, Mr. Moore saw brutal combat throughout the South Pacific.

The National Archives keeps two databases of WWII casualties. One Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Force Personnel , and the other an Honor List of Dead and Missing Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel.

The Army Honor List sadly contains so many names, one must not only search by state, but then by county. When searching Genesee County, MI (in which Flint sits) there is only a list entry for a Herbert T. Moore. There is no record of a Lawrence, as Michael Moore indicated in his facebook posting.

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