LIBERAL NIGHTMARE: American Sniper is Blowing Up the Box Office, Reached $30.5 Mil on Friday

Published on January 17, 2015

Take that, anti-gun morons.

UPDATE, 8AM Saturday: Warner Bros. is reporting Friday at $30.5M for American Sniper – not only a January opening day record, but more than anyClint Eastwood film has ever made in a weekend. With a new batch of projections released this AM, studio B.O. analysts are seeing Warner Bros.’

American Sniper clearing $80M by Monday.  Warner Bros. preferred not to comment on the lofty figures, which makes sense because it’s better to get another day under your belt as the weekend progresses and projections become stronger.  Sony’s The Wedding Ringer has a studio-reported estimate of $7M and is tracking to make a four day of $23-$24M, outgrossing its budget in four days.

“It will be in the market for weeks to come and it’s a real money maker for us,” beamed Sony domestic distribution head Rory Bruer today. Added The Wedding Ringer producer Adam Fields, who was at the Hollywood Grove last night for the 8PM and 9:45PM showings, “The theaters were full, the film played great , audiences seem to love it, it’s a marathon not a sprint.” Also propelling word of mouth for The Wedding Ringer is its 76M social media universe led by Kevin Hart’s 18M Facebook friends and 15M Twitter followers per RelishMix.

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