HE MIGHT AS WELL HAVE SAID IT: Brilliance of Barack

Written by Allan Erickson on January 29, 2015

Following “quotations” are satirical

“Here is my suggestion: let’s run around in circles fighting generic extremism with meaningless rhetoric.”

“It is unwise to raise taxes during a recession. (pause)  I insist we raise taxes to get us out of this recession.”

“You can keep your doctor, if you can find him. You can keep your plan, if you can afford it.”  (grin)

“ObamaCare is my crowning achievement: enroll or die.”

“Spreading the wealth around is not socialism, it’s Christianity, and that makes it the Right Thing To Do!”

“My foreign policy is based on a simple truth: it’s Bush’s fault.”

“Islamic violence has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism or verses in the Islamic Koran that mandate violence against non-Muslims, and that has been true through 1300 years of Islamic conquest.”

“My economic policy is based on three principles: you didn’t build that, give me all your money, what debt?”

“Climate change is the greatest threat to humankind in history. Now excuse me while I fly around the world 1,000 times with an entourage of 300 people for no particular reason.”

“I have been to the mountain top, and I find the air very thin up there.”

“As a black man in America, I have no idea why white people think they have a reason to live.”

“I am proud to stand for our values because our values will always win the day and that’s because we value our values, come what may, whatever they may be.”

“A penny taxed is a dime confiscated to become a dollar wasted another day.”

“People accuse me of violating the Constitution, and to that I say, what Constitution?”

“White people have been breaking the law for centuries.  I’m just playing catch up.”

“We had to save Sgt. Bergdahl because he was dying, and the proof is in his miraculous recovery.”

“There is no justification for indiscriminate, lawless violence, unless they find me a target and the drone is gassed up.”

“When the American people put their trust in me, I had to excuse myself to laugh my head off in my pillow.”

“I once told you I would bring Hope and Change, but now, I urge you to Move Forward, just Move Forward, the line at the Food Stamp office isn’t that long, so stop complaining.”

“There are times the weight of this office becomes more than a man can bear, and that’s when I call in Valerie and Biden and Rhodes, then hit the links.”

“The American people deserve a smart government that works for them, but remember, in the words of that great philosopher Mick Jagger: You can’t always get wutcha want!”

“I promise to keep on promising until one of them is fulfilled.”

“In the end, it’s not what you say or do that matters, because in the end, nothing matters, I promise.”

Preceding “quotations” are satirical

Image; http://www.bulhufas.com/al-qaeda-segue-sendo-a-maior-ameaca-dos-eeuu/1918/


Allan Erickson
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