MOCKING MUSLIMS: New Charlie Hebdo Magazine Sells Out Within An Hour In Paris

Published on January 14, 2015

Publishers have now increased its print run to FIVE MILLION.

Charlie Hebdo resurrected its irreverent and often provocative newspaper today, featuring a caricature of the prophet Mohammed on the cover.

The magazine, which normally sells around 30,000 copies a week, had an initial unprecedented print run of three million. This has been increased to five million after copies were snapped up today.

Issues of the magazine had sold out across Paris news kiosks this morning within minutes.

Twitter user Eric Randolph wrote: ‘My local had a queue of 70 people waiting at 5.45am.’

‘The queues have stretched everywhere, but lots and lots of people are disappointed,’ said Michel Blanchet, who runs a kiosk near the Gare de l’Est station.

Newsagents across the country stocked the magazine, which was also being given away for free on some Air France flights.

A handful of magazines are expected to be available in the UK by the end of the week, but British eBay users are bidding three-figure sums, such is the eagerness for the survivors’ edition.

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