WHAT WOULD YOU DO: Mom Releases Footage of Daughter Getting Beat Up on Bus to Shame School Into Action

Published on January 24, 2015

What would you do if this was your daughter? Teach your kids how to defend themselves to avoid being victims in situations like this.

A mother has released footage of her sixth-grade daughter being viciously attacked on the school bus in a desperate bid to provoke action.

Nikki Lee was shown the cell phone video on Friday, which documents the moment two girls set upon her on the way home last week in Jacksonville, Florida.

The girls can be seen kicking the child’s head after pulling her hair, slapping her head, and jumping on top of her.

According to Mrs Lee, whose daughter’s name has not been released, the bus driver did not intervene and all children from J.E.B Middle School were allowed to alight the bus.

‘They basically beat her like she was nothing, Mrs Lee told WSOCTV.

‘I don’t think they would’ve known about it if I didn’t proceed with caution to see what’s going on with my daughter.’

Releasing the footage, she hopes to prompt the school board into punishing the perpetrators.

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