NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION: Test Liberals’ Tolerance

Published on January 11, 2015

by William Spencer-Hale
Clash Daily Contributor

My resolution for 2015 is to be a better person, by helping all of my open-minded liberal friends to better live up to their catechism of tolerance, inclusivity and multi-culturalism. As everyone knows, it’s very important for our Marxist friends to accept and embrace all ideas, lifestyles and sexual preferences; everything is relative, and morality is specific to the mind of each individual. Therefore all choices are not only to be tolerated, but accepted, embraced and celebrated. To achieve success with my resolution, I will be as open and flamboyant as possible, so as to give my liberal friends every opportunity to celebrate my choices.

You see, I am a Christian. A baptized, confirmed follower of the true divinity of Jesus Christ. Although I am a sinner, and I fail everyday in my quest for perfection in the eye’s of God, I get out of bed every morning with a prayer and an intent to live that day, this day, for Him who created me, gave me life, cares for my every need and has given me the chance to defeat death through the precious blood of His son. And as a vital part of the American tapestry, I believe my choices should be heard.

I believe in the Constitution; not as a document conveying “We The People” with certain rights, but as a document protecting our God-given, unalienable rights from the over reach of government. The First Amendment seems to be misunderstood by liberals and I aim to spend 2015 explaining it to them.

There is no wall of separation between church and state. That’s a really silly idea. In fact, how can a government by the people and for the people be separated from the religion of the people? I, like you, vote with both my mind and my heart. Therefore, every time I cast a ballot, I do so based on my morality. Since my morality comes from the eternal mind of God, I vote based on his Word, as do millions of Americans. As such, by default, the government of the United States is an inherently religious institution, though decidedly non-denominational. The First Amendment was not created to protect the government from religion; it was ratified to protect religion from government. I aim to test that theory. I aim to misbehave.

So, like Paul, I will proclaim the Gospel to all of my liberal friends and give them the opportunity to accept diversity. I know some will say that is overly confrontational. I disagree. Truth is a hammer that bludgeons the false prophet; truth is a sword that slices through the fetid flesh of a corrupt culture. For 2015, I will put on the Armor of God and take up the Sword of Gideon.

In 2015, I will proclaim the Word of God to those who have turned their back on God. If they are truly tolerant they will listen. If they are not, they will fight. And who among us, those who have accepted the truth of a risen and living Christ, is afraid of a good fight?

I resolve to live 2015 for God. I could use some company. Care to join my ranks?


William HaleWilliam Hale is a polymath, a conundrum amongst his friends and coworkers, a man whose interests run contrary to modern stereotypes. William is equally adept at both trapshooting and pastels portraiture, armed defense instruction and Christian philosophy. A veteran of the Cold War who served as a Pershing crew member during very worrisome times, his faith runs deep and his knowledge of history is formidable. This combination gives him an understanding and insight into the intertwined physical and spiritual aspects of life that few understand. His gift is that he has no fear of the evils he perceives and is able to explain the world around him to those who listen.