WHICH ONE? Three Current Attitudes Towards Islam

Written by John DeGroff on January 23, 2015

There seems to be three current attitudes prevalent on how to deal with Islam:  ignore it, appease it, or deal with it head on. 

Our gutless, socialist b**tard of a president, Barak Hussein Obama, ignores it.  He can’t even say “radical Islam”. 

Presumptive Dem presidential candidate Lady Hillary, wants to emphasize with it.  Yes, by all means, let’s feel the pain of the poor, unfortunate goat humper who can only afford a dull, rusty knife with which to cut your head off.  

Then there are those of us who see Islam for what it is: a cancer on the civilized world that needs to be eradicated.  This attitude has recently been passionately articulated by Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.).  “Accept that you are in a war,” Peters said.  “Name the enemy-Islamic terrorists.  Get the lawyers off the battlefield…you do not nation build…you go wherever the terrorists are, you kill them, you leave behind smoking ruins and crying widows.”  

There are historic examples that prove getting tough on Islam is the only way to defeat it, the only thing that Muslims seem to understand. 

In 1462, Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (part of modern day Romania) succeeded in turning back an Islamic invasion of Eastern Europe. Granted, Vlad III, or Vlad Draculea, was also known as Vlad The Impaler.   He had a habit of impaling his enemies, or basically anyone who annoyed him, on long wooden poles sharpened on one end.  This resulted in a slow, gruesome, painful death.  

History records that Mehmet II, the conqueror of Constantinople, gave up on the conquest of Vlad’s capital city after being sickened by the sight of a forest of some 20,000 impaled corpses.  Although these 20,000 were mostly Vlad’s own people, the point wasn’t lost on Mehmet that here was a foe that would not easily submit.  In spite of his cruelty, Vlad Draculae is recognized as a national hero of Romania even today. 

Later, in the same century, in 1492, North African Muslims (known as Moors), were defeated in battle at their last stronghold in Grenada, Spain.  This brought an end to centuries of Islamic incursions into Western Europe, and enabled Spain to turn its attention to exploration and conquest of South and Central American, and a large portion of our Southwest as well.  Is it speculation to think that had Spain not defeated the Moors in 1492, Christianity would not have prevailed in the New World?   In fact, would the United States of America ever existed at all? 

Why isn’t it obvious that Islam only respects force, not empathy, not appeasement, and definitely not any concept of “fairness”.  We can only fight Islam, and we must have the leadership who has the will to fight “enemies both foreign and domestic”.  So. let’s start with the “domestic” side of the issue.  Here is what we must do and we must start now:

Close all Mosques.   Monitoring them isn’t working.  They need to be shut down, or turned into something useful like retail space.  Hell, even a brothel would be better.  

Tennessee State Representative Rick Womick (R) offers this proposal.  Purge the U.S. military of all Muslims immediately, from all branches.  I’d like to see this purging extended even further. 

No Muslim should serve in the U. S. government, even in the lowest levels such as township trustee, up to and including all municipal and state governments, plus all three branches of the federal government.  Since that includes the Supreme Court, no Muslim should serve in the judiciary at any level in  any capacity,  even the lowest courts.  

No Muslim should serve in any government agency, in any level, at any capacity.  

No Muslim should be employed in any capacity with the various law enforcement agencies-local, state and federal. 

No Muslim should be employed in any capacity with the various stock exchanges, and/or brokerage firms and banks. 

No Muslim should teach in any educational institution that receives any federal funding.  That includes all public colleges and universities as well as all public high school and grade schools.  

As far as the issue of closing the Gitmo facility is concerned, consider this:   these individuals are prisoners of war, captured either during battle or through military intelligence efforts.  These are enemy combatants that should never be released to their countries of origin.  

During WWII, there were 420,000 Axis POW’s, mostly German, interred throughout the U.S. in over 500 camps.   They were not allowed to “lawyer up”, and were not returned to their homes until after the war.  The Soviets held even more POWs-3 million-and did not allow them to return home until the mid-1950s.  Those who survived, that is. 

If we cannot even name the enemy, if can’t deal with Islam within our own borders or fight it when we meet it overseas, then we are due to succumb to the multiculturalism that is systematically beginning to tear Europe apart.  Islam is anti-American, anti-everything this country is supposed to still stand for and represent.  

I’d like to close with a great quote from an article by Thomas Sowell: “Cultures matter, and not all cultures are mutually compatible, as Europeans are belatedly learning, the hard way.  And ‘assimilation’ is a dirty word to multiculturalists.” (Townhall.com, 1/20/15)  

So how do we deal with Islam?   We fight and kill all radical Islamists overseas.  Here at home, we silence Islam, we neuter Islam, and we execute any Muslim who acts violently.  They propose a world-wide Caliphate?  I would like to counter that with the proposal of an Islamic Free Zone…otherwise known as the Western Hemisphere.   

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John DeGroff
John DeGroff is the original bass player for the Christian rock band Petra. He currently plays for the band GHF which is comprised of other original members from Petra. DeGroff has extensive experience as a freelance music journalist and newspaper reporter as well as an on-line music reviewer. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is employed as a care giver for mentally challenged adults.