PARIS EDITOR: Because of Islam, Jews Are Fleeing France Like They Did In Germany Under Nazis

Published on January 11, 2015

How’s that kum-ba-yah multi-culturalism working out for you France?

France has been suffering through a spate of antisemitic violence, often perpetrated by Islamist gangs who have made it clear their goal is to turn France into a state governed by Islamic law. Here are some of the more recent incidents:

  • In December, a gang conducted a home invasion on a Jewish couple in a suburb of Paris where they robbed them and raped the 19 year old girl. The gang said it was because they were Jewish.
  • In November, a Kosher restaurant was firebombed and a Jewish student wearing a yarmulke was attacked by a gang in Paris.
  • In July, pro-Palestinian demonstrators attempted to storm two synagogues in Paris, which led to clashes with worshippers.
  • In March, a Jewish teacher wearing a yarmulke was beaten and had a swastika drawn on his chest by a gang identified as “North African.”

There are many, many more incidents as the French government says antisemitic incidents have doubled since last year. Some Jews also took to Twitter to describe their experiences in France.

The editor of Britain’s Jewish Standard, Stephen Pollard, tweeted some heartbreaking thoughts about the attacks and the issues French Jews face in France.

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