PATHETIC: Watch the Lame ‘Big Hug’ John Kerry Gives to Make Up for Obama’s No-Show at Paris Rally

Published on January 16, 2015

This is just utterly pathetic. Way to make the U.S. look like idiots and add insult to injury.

By almost any standard, in virtually any context, this will no doubt rank in the minds of many as one of the more bizarre moments in U.S. diplomacy — not only bizarre but also eye-shielding awkward, even surreal.

A no-show at the recent Paris solidarity march to protect freedom of expression and to protest Islamic terrorism, Secretary of State John Kerry was in the French capital today to give our allies what had been billed as a “big hug“.

In addition to Kerry’s words of support and solidarity for the French, America’s chief diplomat also brought live entertainment to the Paris stage. Singer James Taylor performed his 1970’s classic “You’ve Got A Friend” as Kerry stood by rather uncomfortably.

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