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RACE BAITERS WON’T LIKE THIS: ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Demonstrators March to US Capitol In Support of Police

Someone please forward this to Al Sharpton.

Hundreds marched to the U.S. capitol Saturday in a rally to support law enforcement at a time when tensions between the public and police nationwide are running high.

Demonstrators marched in the ‘Sea of Blue’ rally carrying signs that said ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ ‘I support my man in blue,’ ‘Breathe Easy; Don’t Break The Law,’ and many others.

‘I want our officers to know we care about them,’ Kelly Wince, 52, one of the rally’s organizers told the Washington Times. ‘Our guys go out every single day and put their lives on the line. I don’t know if my husband is coming home every night.’

Wince, one of the three organizers — all married to local police officers –, said the rally is to unite the police and the community.

Andy Maybo, chairman of the National Memorial Committee of the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, spoke at the rally, calling it a ‘blue family reunion.’

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