RELIGION OF IDIOTS: Muslims Ridiculous Command to Clint Eastwood

Check out the latest demands from this ‘Arab-American civil rights’ group to Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper.

An Arab-American civil rights organization has asked “American Sniper” director Clint Eastwood and actor Bradley Cooper to denounce hateful language directed at U.S. Arabs and Muslims after the release of the Hollywood duo’s film about a Navy marksman.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee said in a letter to Eastwood and Cooper that its members had become targets of “violent threats” since early last week, days before “American Sniper” went into general release.

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Khalaf, who has not seen the film, said public statements from Eastwood and Cooper, as well as calming tensions, would send a message that “Arabs are Americans and Muslims are Americans.”

He said he has not received a response from Eastwood or Cooper.

Spokesmen for Eastwood and Cooper had no immediate response to requests for comment.

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