SOMEONE TELL JOEL OSTEEN: Billy Graham, When an ‘Unsaved Sinner’ Dies, They Go to ‘Hell’

Published on January 6, 2015

Oh, no. Will The Thought Police now ‘re-educate’ Rev. Graham?

Pastor Billy Graham, who is 96 now and arguably the most influential evangelical Christian preacher of the last 60 years, said the difference between the death of a Christian and a non-Christian was like the difference “between Heaven and Hell,” and added that when an “unsaved sinner” dies they are separated from God for eternity and go to “a place that Jesus has called Hell.”

“When Christians die, they go straight into the presence of Christ – to Heaven – to spend eternity with God,” said Billy Graham in the January 2015 issue of Decision magazine.

But “[a]n unsaved sinner’s destiny is separation from God, a place that Jesus has called Hell,” said the reverend. “I wonder where you are going. Have you given your life to Jesus Christ? Have you been transformed by the power of the Spirit of God?”

Graham, who is doing fairly well considering his age and that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease, said it is an “immortal truth that the death of the righteous is unlike the death of the unrighteous.”

“I have talked to doctors and nurses who have held the hands of dying people, and they say there is as much difference between the death of a Christian and of a non-Christian as there is between Heaven and Hell,” said Rev. Graham.

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